PC Health Check

PCLAPTOPIn order to keep your PC running at its optimum, it has to be maintained regularly and thus Health Check it vital part of that maintenance. It’s like having you car serviced regularly and MOT.

We will carry out 50 point health check, which includes installing Anti virus, removing spyware or any other unwanted programs you may have accidently installed through the internet which is causing your PC to under perform.

We will make sure that your PC is performing at its optimum after the PC Health Check is complete. So give your PC a new lease of life by calling us for the Health Check.

We can carry out this service at your home or office.

Call us to arrange time to suit you.

We will:

  • Run the Hardware and software diagnostics.
  • Carry out the 50 point Health Check.
  • Remove all the spyware and adware.
  • Install latest updates and update the anti virus.
  • Remove any unwanted software, which were installed through the internet.
  • Make sure your PC is working at its optimum.
  • Give your PC full valet inside and out.
  • Give you full job report.
  • Make sure you are happy with the results
  • Advise on possible upgrades and answer any of your questions.

PWYC also provide you with a LOAN Replacement PC or Laptop while your equipment is being fixed for FREE

Service Cost £50